Germán G. Feierherd

Research Associate, Department of Political Science, Duke University
PhD Candidate in Political Science, Yale University
Research Associate, Center on the Politics of Development, UC Berkeley

German I am a PhD candidate in the Political Science Department at Yale University. From September 2016, I will be a research associate in the Political Science Department at Duke University. My main interest lies at the intersection of comparative politics and political economy, with a focus on labor and social policies (in the context of "weak" states), distributive politics, and political behavior. I am also interested in methods for causal inference in observational and experimental studies.

My dissertation, The Left's Dilemma: How Politics Shapes Labor Markets in Latin America, analyzes a basic dilemma that the Left in power has faced in Latin America: how to respond to the interests and policy preferences of the organized working class and, at the same time, of informal-sector workers. Organized workers and union leaders push for strict enforcement of job security regulations and other protective measures. But these measures frequently reduce the supply of jobs and increase the risk of unemployment for an ever-larger pool of workers in non-protected jobs ‑ the informal sector. The Left's strategy in this context, I show, is to move slowly on the enforcement of regulations, while at the same time trying to avoid bad outcomes (e.g., catastrophic workplace accidents) that can hurt it at the polls.

My publications and working papers are available here. Feel free to contact me about ongoing research projects.

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